App design service in Da Nang

App design service in Da Nang

Nowadays, Da Nang city is growing stronger, the competition between businesses is increasingly difficult and fierce. In order to customers know and pay attention to the business is what businesses always want. Let’s use App design service in Da Nang to help you make things simpler.

App design to support for businesses

App design to support for businesses
App design to support for businesses

The strong development of technology has led to the popularity of mobile phones. They are considered indispensable thing for many people. They use their phones for many different purposes. Phone is a tool that helps customers easily find and buy the product they want without spending time going to many stores to choose. App design service in Da Nang is simple and light with the same features as on the website but extremely convenient. Customers only need to download the application to login once only to use it easily.

The convenience of app design service in Da Nang

App design service in Da Nang support to business

  • Enhance the development and popularization to enhance the brand name of the business with competitors.
  • Access quickly to customers easily get information and perform customer care more professionally and effectively.
  • Find potential customers through connecting with social networking sites today
  • Access to customers and service 24/7, turning potential customers into official customers
  • Manage information and monitor the business situation more conveniently, easily giving promotions, announcements to a large number of customers in a simple and cost-effective way.
  • Eye-catching friendly interface, designed according to the main color tone of the business, stimulate the shopping of customers.
The convenience of app design service in Da Nang
The convenience of app design service in Da Nang

In addition, app design service also helps customers

  • “Visit” stores anywhere, regardless of geographical distance.
  • Buy goods quickly and conveniently without having to waste time logging into the website.
  • Easily find out information about products and services through the sales app of the business.
  • Phone notifications every day, receive promotions, store policies.

App design unit AZGROUP

AZGROUP with more than 10 year operating in the field of marketing, has been a partner of many businesses. A team of highly qualified technical experts is a professional app design unit, the preferred choice of businesses in Vietnam.

AZGROUP with a new technology platform to build apps for smartphones, tablets, application of Drupal CMS solutions, combining PhoneGap / Cordova / ReactNative technology, allows for fast, light and responsive app creation and complex requirements while keeping affordable cost.

App design unit AZGROUP
App design unit AZGROUP

AZGROUP provides your business with App design service in Da Nang with a variety of industries:

  • Design real estate app
  • Design beauty salon and spa app
  • Design flower shop app
  • Design clothing store app
  • Design factory app
  • Design culinary app
  • Design travel app

In addition, AZGroup received design applications according to the requirements of the business. As long as you give your idea, AZGroup helps you make it happen.

The commitment of AZGroup provides app design service in Da Nang

 With more than 10 years of experience, AZGroup increasingly improves and develops in the field of Marketing, always to be the choice of businesses. AZGroup always keep the trust with customers. AZGROUP is committed to implementing app design according to a specific process:

Step 1: Survey, get information and customer needs

Step 2: Create an idea and draw a sketch

Step 3: From sketch, design UI / UX

Step 4: Customers approves the UI / UX design

Step 5: Based on UI / UX design, functional code

Step 6: Create demo version

Step 7: Browse demo version

Step 8: Bring the platform to Store and CH Play

Contact us today for free advice and support for App design service in Da Nang reputable, professional, integrating many features to bring optimal efficiency in activities of businesses.



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