Dental marketing training and consulting

Dental marketing training and consulting

Dental marketing training and consulting is a very necessary service for dental clinics because businesses that open dental clinics are usually doctors and they do not have any experience in marketing so dental marketing training and consulting service is very helpful for them.

Dental marketing training and consulting – AZGroup

Traditional dental marketing is no longer influential. As of 2018, 97% of online consumers search for local services, 73% use online search engines to research dental therapies, and 72% of patients use review search about a new doctor or dentist.

Dental marketing training and consulting – AZGroup
Dental marketing training and consulting – AZGroup

AZGroup is a specialized unit about Dental marketing training and consulting service for businesses in Ho Chi Minh City and surrounding areas. AZGroup recognizes problems that make it difficult for businesses to succeed in marketing their clinics:

Difficulties in marketing and communication process

Most dental clinic owners come up from expertise and do not understand marketing well, lack of branding and marketing methods.

The process of service and customer care is sketchy

Sketchy design of customer service experience process, lack of customer service experience, spontaneous staff cannot control service quality.

Lack of strategies and plans for patrons

Customer care before, during and after sales will help customers experience quality service, ready to refer friends or return to using the service many times.

Salary and bonus mechanism is not clear

This is the most difficult and common problem when operating a dental clinic. It is not easy to build a clear remuneration mechanism and create motivation for each position.

There is no long-term business development orientation

Not clarifying the orientation, effective business strategy, spreading service without key services, causing difficulties in Marketing and brand positioning Clinics.

Haven’t learned about how to manage and develop clinics

Still think that expertise is enough to ignore HR management, Marketing management, and Sales management expertise.

With the above problems of the dental clinic, it is very difficult to develop and can dissolve without solving those problems. AZGroup will help businesses with Dental marketing training and consulting services.

Solutions to fix dental marketing problems at AZGroup

AZGroup always offers specific remedies for dental businesses in Dental marketing training and consulting process:

Training and developing clinic personnel

  • Training professional 5T service process at the Clinic.
  • Train sales consulting skills for doctors and consultants.
  • Train teamwork skills and cohesize teams.
  • Skills training in handling complaints and developing relationships with customers.
  • Train management skills and develop a chain model of dental clinics.

Build process system

  • Consulting to build salary mechanism, rewarding all staff for the clinic.
  • Consulting to build organizational chart, job description and optimal staffing for a clinic.
  • Consulting on the model of the chain of clinics to expand many clinics across the country.
  • Consulting to build the entire internal process system.
Solutions to fix dental marketing problems at AZGroup
Solutions to fix dental marketing problems at AZGroup

Implement traditional marketing

  • Consulting and implementing a methodical and unique Marketing strategy.
  • Organize a Marketing Department and push it enough.
  • Directly implement Marketing with businesses
  • Support the clinic continuously in the Marketing implementation process.
  • Cooperate in developing a chain of clinics
  • Directly involved in building and developing clinics with doctors
  • Contribute capital as a shareholder
  • Connecting the Dental ecosystem between dental training – Clinic – Labo – Clinic equipment, supplies and other cosmetic services

Commitment of AZGroup

Seeing the importance of Dental marketing training and consulting and the needs of business owners. AZGroup offers consultancy and training services for dental marketing to serve and improve dental marketing for clinics.

With our experience, we will advise on Dental marketing training and consulting. Help your business build the most effective marketing strategy. Provide long-term development training consultancy courses for partners with a sense of responsibility, enthusiastic and professional consulting. AZGroup Marketing always puts the value of customers’ interests first. Information security, business plan and strategy.

Commitment of AZGroup
Commitment of AZGroup

The process of AZGroup

To build corporate trust, we offer Dental marketing training and consulting process

Step 1: Survey the needs of the business

Step 2: Plan training based on the actual needs of the business / customer

Step 3: Sign training consultancy contract

Step 4: Deploy training plan

Step 5: Check and evaluate

Step 6: End training program

Please contact us on the contact information below for advice and reasonable prices.

The process of AZGroup



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Hotline: 0969.68.79.69 – 0286 273 3456


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